Agile Analytics for Business-to-Business Companies

Fractional Marketing Analytics Manager

Implementation, reporting, analysis, and A/B testing coordinated by a dedicated analytics manager using Agile delivery.

Every month we review marketing plans and site changes to ensure smooth and continuous collection of quality data. We then choose a major project from the services listed below along with incremental data quality improvements totaling the number of points purchased for the month.


Capture data needed to track key performance indicators by developing a measurement plan to align organisational objectives with data collection.


Understand at a glance how your marketing initiatives are performing against your measurement plan through custom dashboards.


Identify opportunities and quantify their potential impact through advanced data analytics in Excel or Python.

A/B Testing

Quantify the impact of opportunities identified through analysis with A/B testing.


Data Quality Advisor

Expert advice on data quality setting the foundation for long-term data success.

$250 / mo

  • $80 / story point
  • 1 Stakeholder Meeting / mo

Small Business

Basic analytics services for budget-consious businesses.

$900 / mo

  • 12 Story Points / mo ($75 / extra point)
  • 1 Stakeholder Meeting / mo
  • 3 Analytics Portal Users Included ($30 / extra user)


A part-time analytics team supporting your marketing data needs.

$1680 / mo

  • 24 Story Points / mo ($70 / extra point)
  • 2 Stakeholder Meetings / mo
  • 6 Analytics Portal Users Included ($30 / extra user)

Story Point Estimation Guidelines

Story Points Implementation Reporting Analysis Testing
1 Event, goal, filter, add a tag      
2 Basic tag customization      
3       Testing ads
5     Analysis in GA with GA visualization Testing landing page copy changes
8   Simple dashboard Analysis in GA with Excel/Python/Data Studio visualization  
13 Integrate external data to GA; advanced tag customization Advanced dashboard Basic Excel/Python analysis Testing landing page design
21     Advanced Excel/Python analysis  

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