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Why Caret Juice

With experience managing both demand generation tools like marketing automation and customer relationship management systems and analytics tools, Caret Juice is ideally suited to ensure that your core lead generation systems share data in ways that facilitate analysis.

Our pricing and scale is best suited to small companies looking for analytics expertise while building processes that will scale with the company.

Our Values

Analytics Supports Action

Caret Juice analytics projects that don't lead to action, or inaction where the expense isn't justified, are failures.

Appreciate Causation

Most business data only correlate with desired outcomes. To understand causation, you need to listen to your customers and not just the data they generate.

Process Supports Culture

Lightweight, well-designed analytics processes support a culture that promotes action based on a shared understanding.

Analytics & Marketing Awards & Certifications

Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics
Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics

University of British Columbia

Data Analyst in Python
Data Analyst in Python


Google Analytics IQ
Google Analytics IQ


Meet Caret Juice


Damon Gudaitis


I have over 12 years experience working on the tech and data side of marketing primarily with business to business companies. I'm also a Chapter Leader for the Digital Analytics Association in Vancouver and a speaker in the local analytics community.

I am a lifelong cyclist who has never owned a car so that probably qualifies me as a little crazy.

Let's talk about your data

I want to help you get more from your data now while setting up culture and processes that will help you scale your data analytics team in the future.

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