A Technical Resource for Technical Teams

Nerding out on data and analytics for over 12 years.

Helping clients

  • improve data quality,
  • strengthen data processes, and
  • nurture data culture.

Proven Expertise You Can Trust

With over 12 years experience working on the tech and data side of marketing, I implement web analytics and data pipelines for a mix of SaaS, ecommerce, publishing, and non-profits.

Dbt-GA4 Experience & Training

  • Original developer of the dbt-GA4 package
  • Deployed dbt-GA4 for over a dozen clients on at least two dozen sites
  • Run half-a-dozen training sessions for dbt-GA4 in less than one year since its inception

Speaking & Community Leadership

  • Founding contributor to the open-source dbt-GA4 package
  • Aware of Achievement in Digital Analytics, UBC
  • Technical Engineering Officer and Chpater Leader, Digital Analytics Association
  • Industry Speaker in Analytics and Data
  • Data Analytics in Python, Dataquest
  • Google Analytics IQ, Google

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Over the years of working with and in analytics and marketing teams, these are some of the values that I have learned to appreciate.

Analytics Supports Action

Analytics project that don’t lead to action, or inaction where the expense isn’t justified, are failures.

Appreciate Causation

Most business data only correlate with desired outcomes. To understand causation, you need to listen to your customers and not just the data they generate.

Process Supports Culture

Lightweight, well-designed analytics processes support a culture that promotes action based on a shared understanding

Focus on Outcomes

Making the effort to understand the desired outcomes at the start of a project greatly increases its chances of success.