Let Me Manage Your Marketing Data And Help You
Nurture Your Data Culture Improve Your Data Quality Strengthen You Data Processes

With over 12 years of experience bridging marketing operations and analytics, I can mature your data practices until you are ready for your first full-time analyst.

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Benefit from Caret Juice's Expertise

Nurture, improve, and strengthen your data analytics.

Nurture Your Data Culture

Nurture Your Data Culture

Alignment through strategic planning

You get an advisor who can make data a part of strategic planning and grow enthusiasm for working with data so that your team can better align around shared goals.

Improve Your Data Quality

Improve Your Data Quality

Consistency through communication and tech

You get a technical expert monitoring your campaigns and strategic goals so that your data collection is consistent and is never broken by changes in technology.

Strengthen Your Data Processes

Strengthen Your Data Processes

Scalability through templates and processes

You get an analytics portal with templates and processes giving you an operating system for scaling your analytics team.

Meet Damon

I have over 12 years experience working on the tech and data side of marketing primarily with business to business companies. I'm also a Chapter Leader for the Digital Analytics Association in Vancouver and a speaker in the local analytics community.

I am a lifelong cyclist who has never owned a car so that probably qualifies me as a little crazy.


Let us manage your analytics and benefit from our processes

Our processes and systems are designed to improve your data culture now and be handed off to your team over time.

Analytics Portal

View reports and analysis, track ongoing work, submit new tasks in your analytics portal.

Process Templates

Our processes and templates are designed to be handed off to your team as you grow.

Agile Delivery

We meet regularly to ensure that analytics is responsive to your needs.

Accelerated Time-to-Value

We focus on your most immediate data needs reducing up-front costs helping you get value from your data sooner.

Improved Onboarding

Our process documentation helps new marketing and analytics staff quickly understand marketing priorities and use data effectively.

Strategic Data Planning

Our processes force your team to articulate objectives and goals in a way that promotes alignment.

Let's talk about your data

I want to help you get more from your data now while setting up culture and processes that will help you scale your data analytics team in the future.

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