Take Control of Your GA4 Data with BigQuery

Use the dbt-GA4 package to transform the raw GA4 export to BigQuery into report-ready tables. Get on-demand training, personalized coaching, or implementation services from one of the original developers of the dbt-GA4 package.

Customized Training for Your Analytics Team

Progress from dbt basics, to dbt-GA4 specialist, to advanced deployments. Your team will come away with sophisticated deployment processes that support data quality to meet your business and clients’ needs.

Technical Training for Technical Teams

Training from one of the original developers of the dbt-GA4 package with over a dozen implementations on 30+ sites in the first year since its inception

Build on Open-Source Development Work

Benefit from hundreds of hours of development work on the dbt-GA4 package and the community of developers that supports it

Unlock Higher-Value Data Services

Build out your analytics teams’ data warehousing capabilities and start offering longer-term, and higher engagement projects

Dive into the Numbers

Let the numbers speak for the value of training on dbt-GA4

40 Hours Saved

Implementing the dbt-GA4 package saves 40 hours of expensive modelling time on a typical project over a implementing your own models

12+ Deployments

I have worked with over 12 teams deploying the dbt-GA4 package on at least 30 sites either handing-off day-to-day management at the end or offering on-going support

Build from 100s of Hours of Development

The dbt-GA4 package has already benefited from hundreds of hours of open-source development time by analysts like you

100 Forks (and counting)

The dbt-GA4 package has been forked 80 times in its first year. You do not need to fork the package to use it making it likely that it has been deployed on thousands of sites

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“Damon was very helpful in assisting me in familiarizing myself with the fundamental approach, the strategies, and understanding if/when package releases impacted my configuration.”
Clark Frye - Mountain View Analytics

Clark Frye

Mountain View Analytics LLC
“Damon’s a great guy who knows his stuff. But seriously – he’s a true leader in not only the local analytics community in Canada, but his expertise and critical thinking skills help companies turn their data into an even more valuable tool to help their teams succeed.”

Kasey Bayne

KB Consulting