Who we are

Caret Juice Marketing is a sole proprietorship owned by Damon Gudaitis based in Vancouver, BC Canada.

It is registered as Caret Juice Marketing in British Columbia, Canada.


Comments on Caret Juice are tied to your IP address and browser user agent to help with spam detection.

Email, IP, and browser data collected with comments are not used to supplement marketing data or shared with outside partners.

The content of comments may be used with machine learning or artificial intelligence applications, including third-party processors that may use that content for their own purposes, but the content of comments will only be used separate from email, IP, and browser data.

This site uses Gravatar to enhance your comments with a profile picture where you have set a Gravatar. This is matched by sending a hash of your email address to Gravatar. Hashes are one-way and are not meant to be later decrypted. This provides some level of anonymity preventing bad actors from intercepting and stealing email addresses from the content of the request. However, they do not provide a perfect guarantee of anonymity.

Cookies & Local Storage

This site uses marketing and analytics cookies and local storage to track ad campaigns, target ad campaigns, and track how visitors use the site. These cookies are managed through the consent management popup.

In addition, there are functional cookies that are set when you opt to remember your login details or comment details. These cookies are set based on your expressed preference when logging in or leaving a comment and are not managed through the consent management popup.

Embedded content

Articles and courses on this site include embedded content from other sites including code and video blocks.

Embedded content may collect data about you including interactions with the embedded content, IP and browser info, and page information where the embed occurs. Embedded content may also embed additional third-party tracking.

Embedded content behaves as if you are interacting on the site that originates the embed.

Data Sharing

Site administrators can see comments, email, name, and any other data that you submit. In addition, they can see meta-data and data derived from your interactions with the site including course progress, IP addresses, and browser info.

These data may also be exported to external tools where they may be shared with contractors and third-party processors. Contractors are not permitted to disclose any data.

Data Retention

Data submitted on the site including comment, registration, and course data are retained indefinitely.

Users can see and edit their personal information.

Data Rights

If you have an account on this site, you can request to receive any personal data that we hold about you through our contact form and request that we erase those data except where required for legal or security purposes.

These requests are processed manually but should be completed within two weeks of making the request.