DBT-GA4 Setup (On Demand)

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This course is intended for analysts who want to start using the GA4 BigQuery export for reporting, machine learning, or sending web data to other platforms via reverse ETL.

It does not cover BigQuery SQL. BigQuery SQL is quite similar to standard SQL, so anyone with basic SQL skills should be able to follow along.

If you don’t already have basic SQL skills, then it is recommended to take an SQL course first.

This course does not cover the raw data model of the GA4 BigQuery export as the dbt-GA4 package basically abstracts away all of the tricky parts of the data model. Understanding the raw data is useful, but not necessary.

The Query GA4 Data in Google BigQuery course from Team Simmer covers both basic SQL skills and teaches you to query the raw data and would make a great foundation for someone looking to pick up the required skills and knowledge before starting this course.

Although not a pre-requisite, it is recommended that students be familiar with the content of the Intro to dbt-GA4 course which covers high-level, business considerations related to adopting dbt-GA4.

The dbt-GA4 setup course is a pre-requisite for the paid, Advanced dbt-GA4 course which covers the same topics in much greater depth as well as performance optimization and customization techniques, project templates, and tools to enhance data quality and professionalism.