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On-Demand dbt-GA4 Courses

On-demand courses dbt-GA4 courses for in-house analysts and agencies

Learn how to set up and use the dbt-GA4 package to quickly transform your raw GA4 BigQuery export into usable reporting tables

Provide higher-Value Services

Data warehouse projects will increase the value of your work to clients and employers

Make Your data More Flexible

Provide your stakeholders with exactly the data they want while enabling machine learning, reverse ETL, and exploratory analytics

Navigate Warehouse Complexity

Get access to scripts, templates, testing, and code management processes to provide more consistent and higher-quality work

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Upgrade Your Analytics

Provide more value to your company or clients with beginner and advanced on-demand training.

Learn :

  • How to set up dbt and BigQuery with the GA4 export
  • How to use the dbt-GA4 package the way it was designed to be used—for the most power and efficiency
  • How to manage code in GitHub
  • How to navigate Google Cloud permissions and security